Vasana Sampatha
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Draw No.: 1488

Date: Thursday April 19, 2018

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Vasana Sampatha 1477
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Vasana Sampatha

In early 1994, lottery by the name Vasana Sampatha was introduced to the market by the board. A monthly draw was held in various districts of the country. Initially, Motor cars,   three wheelers and sewing machine etc. were offered as prizes. Since this was not so popular, changes were effected around August 1994 to give a new dimension with a new prize structure involving cash prizes. Presently this lottery is drawn every Monday and Thursday.  

The price of this lottery ticket was increased from 02ndSeptember,2008 from Rs.10/- to Rs.20/- and a new prize structure was implemented A super prize of Rs. 10 million a first prize of Rs. 1 million and a range of other attractive prizes are offered under this lottery.


Prize Structure - Monday July 10, 2017

Star Super Prize
1st Letter and Any 4 Numbers Correct
Rs. 10,000,000
Fortune Super Prize
2nd Letter and Any 4 Numbers Correct
Rs. 3,000,000
Lucky Super Prize
3rd Letter and Any 4 Numbers Correct
Rs. 2,000,000
1 st
Any 4 Numbers Correct
2 nd
Any 3 Numbers and Bonus Number Correct
3 rd
Any 3 Numbers Correct
4 th
Any 2 Numbers Correct
5 th
Any Number Correct
6 th
Any Letter Correct