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Draw No.: 4171

Date: Thursday July 02, 2020

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S. Sanjeewan
Mahajana Sampatha 4044
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S. Sanjeewan
T. G. Hemachandra
Mahajana Sampatha 4046
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T. G. Hemachandra
Sunil Rathnaweera
Mahajana Sampatha 4056
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Sunil Rathnaweera
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Mahajana Sampatha

  • In 1970 Jathika Sampatha was renamed as Mahajana Sampatha. The price of the ticket was reduced from Rs. 2/- to Rs. 1/-. Mahajana Samatha was further developed to conduct the draw in the electronic media and from 10th may 1988 weekly draw in the television commenced. Moreover, a daily lottery was introduced on experimental basis. This was titled daily Chance. There were one thousand, Rs. 5,000 prizes. 
  • At present Mahajana Sampatha, a passive type traditional lottery is the oldest lottery among the other prevailing lotteries in the Island. The lottery has created a good image among the general public as the best available lottery in the country. The lottery is conducted, on Monday,Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday of a week. The price of this lottery ticket was increased from 02nd   September, 2008 from Rs.10/- to Rs.20/- and a new prize structure was implemented. A super prize of Rs. 10 million, a first prize of Rs. 2 million and a range of other attractive prizes are offered under this lottery.   Considering the better performance of this lottery, the Board decided to draw this lottery on Sundays also to increase the Sunday market share.
  • Contribution:  16.5% of the turover  is contributed   to Consolidated Fund .


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Prize Structure - Saturday September 07, 2019

Super Prize
Letter and 6th 6 Numbers Correct
Rs. 10,000,000
1 st
6th 6 Numbers Correct
2 nd
6th 5 Numbers Correct
3 rd
6th 4 Numbers Correct
4 th
6th 3 Numbers Correct
5 th
6th 2 Numbers Correct
6 th
6th Number Correct
7 th
5th 5 Numbers Correct
8 th
4th 4 Numbers Correct
9 th
3rd 3 Numbers Correct
10 th
2nd 2 Numbers Correct
11 th
Letter Correct