• 1955

    Establishment of Arogyashala Lottery under Finance Act no.4 of 1955

    History - Arogyashala-Lotharaiye-Prathama-dinum-adima History - Lotharaiye-Lanka-Gamanaya
  • 1963

    Establishment of NLB under Finance Act no.11 of 1963

    History - logo-pic
  • 1964

    First draw of the Jathika Lottery at Torrington Square (20/02/1964)

    History - Arambaka-yugaye-dinum-adim-yanthra History - Nawa-gamanaka-Arabuma
  • 1965

    First Benz car offer.

  • 1967

    Opened the first Branch office — Ratnapura.

  • 1969

    Introduction of Jathika Sampatha Lottery.

    History - Aluth-uthsahayak
  • 1970

    Converted Jathika Sampatha lottery to Mahajana Sampatha lottery (28/07/1970).

    History - Nawa-Yugayaka-nawa-piyawarak
  • 1975

    Shifted to new Building at No.111/1, Sir Chiththampalam A Gardiner Mawatha

  • 1977

    Increased the price of Jathika Lottery from 5o cts. To Rs.1/- .

  • 1987

    Introduction of Supiri Jathika lottery (11/04/1987).

  • 1988

    Increased the price of Mahajana Sampatha from Rs.1/- to Rs.8/-

    • Introduction of Lotto lottery (Sep 1988)
    • First draw of the Mahajana Sampatha over the Rupavahini (10/05/1988)

  • 1989

    Increased the prize of Mahajana Sampatha from Rs.8/- to Rs:10/- .

  • 1992

    Introduction of Airport Super Draw Lottery.

  • 1994

    Introduction of Vasana Sampatha lottery

  • 1995

    Introduction of Govisetha lottery.

  • 1996

    Introduction of Samurdhi lottery.

  • 1997

    Introduction of Shrama Vasana lottery Amalgamation of the Sevana lottery with NLB.

  • 1999

    Introduction of Supiri Vasana lottery.

  • 2000

    Introduction of Jayaviru lottery .

  • 2004

    Introduced Sarana lottery to generate financial assistance for Tsunami Victims.

    • Established Welfare & Thrift funds to provide benefits to employees.

  • 2005

    Mahajana Sampatha was awarded most preferred brand for 2005 under banking, financial services category conducted by SLIM.

  • 2006

    Introduced the Suwasetha lottery after abolishing the Lotto lottery.

    • Offered the highest ever Super Prize from the Mahajana Sampatha lottery (Rs.61.3mn).

  • 2007

    Introduced New Airport lottery

    • The price of the Airport Super Draw lottery was increased from US $25 to US$ 50.

  • 2010

    Introduced the Jathika Sampatha Lottery in place of Shrama Vasana and Suwasetha Lotteries.

    • Mahajana Sampatha lottery was introduced to Sundays too.

  • 2011

    Passed the Rs.10 billion marks in sales for the year (1st time in the history)

    • Supiri vasana Sampatha Lottery was introduced to Wednesdays in place of Jayaviru lottery which was abolished.
    • New Airport lottery was conducted. Due to poor performance this lottery was abolished.
    • Offered five super prizes over Rs.10 mn within a 3 week period which included 4 back to back super prizes in a row.

  • 2012

    Introduced a new lottery named Sampath Rekha.

    • Govisetha Lottery was introduced to Thursdays too.
    • Vasana Sampatha lottery was introduced to Mondays too.

  • 2013

    Super Prize of Govisetha lottery was increased fromRs.10 Mn to Rs.40 Mn.

    • Super Prize of Sampath Rekha lottery was increased from Rs.5 Mn to Rs.io Mn.
    • Introduced Mega 50 lottery on behalf of 50th Anniversary of NLB.

  • 2014

    Introduced a new lottery named Power Lotto.

  • 2015

    Implemented "Divisarana" Insurance scheme for lottery sellers (June 2015)

    • Introduced a new lottery named Neerogha (25.07.2015)
    • 31st Airport Superdraw draw was held (31.08.2015)
    • Commenced drawing three passive lottery draws in a single day(from 01.09.2015)
    • Held Dealer convention award ceremony for the 1st time named "Mahathma" (December 2015)

  • 2019

    • Introduced new lottery named Daru Diri Sampatha.
    • The first lottery drawn on 30th of January 2020.
    • The fund was officially launched on World Children's Day on 1st October 2019.
    • This lottery generates funds for Save the children - National trust fund.