Neeroga Relaunch

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National Lotteries Board has contribute National Development and Charity Funds from different lotteries. From those Lotteries the Neeroga lottery has contribute National Kidney Fund Derectly.In that case this lottery has become Most Competitive lottery in local Market. Since year 2015 the Neeroga Lottery funds contribute Rs 985,795,006.00 to national Kidney Fund and also made Super Price winners and Milloniars Island Wide. NLB has diside to relounch the Neeroga Lottery in New Price Structure . New Price Strcture Super Price No 04 with sodiac Symbel Rs. 10,000,000.00 1 st Price No 04 Only Rs. 1,000,000.00 2 nd Price No 03 with sodiac Symbel Rs. 10,000.00 3 rd Price No 03 Only Rs. 2,000.00 4 th Price No 02 with sodiac Symbel Rs. 200.00 5 th Price No 02 Only Rs. 100.00 6 th Price No 01 with sodiac Symbel Rs. 60.00 7 th Price No 01 Only Rs. 20.00


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