1st Step Luck brings to home

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National Lottery Board has been serving towards development of the Nation along with producing number of millionaires over six decades. As a reseponsible institute in Sri Lanka, we have a responsibility to stand with our people to share their  laughters and tears.

 This time also we have number of lottery winners who cant come and collect their prizes due to this prevailing condition all around the country. Therefore as a reliable institute our  Chairman Mr. Lalith Piyum Perera, Director Mr. Kalum Priyankara  and all the other board of directors have decided to distribut your their prizes to the doorsteps. Commencing that project NLB has distributed few prize cheques to the winners in Galle,Hakmana and Deniyaya areas on the 21st of april with the presence of our Director Kalum Priyankara .


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