Release of Mahajana Sampatha 4000 Special Draw Janatha Ran Kirula

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The National Lottery Board's oldest and most popular lottery's 4000th special draft was introduced by the honorable minister of finance Mr. Mangala Smaraweera at the Enterprise Sri Lanka 2019 Exhibition which was held at the Walisinghe Harischandra Stadium, Anuradhapura on 2019.07.25.
Mahajana Sampatha 400 Jantha Ran Kirula special draft's first batch of tickets was given to the NLB's Anuradapura District associate Mr. P.H.J Rajakaruna by the Minister of Finance. Furthermore, the sale of the first ticket was done by the Additional General Manager Praban Sandhya to the Honourable Minister Mangala Samaraweera. Tickets purchased by the Minister were distributed between the people present at the exhibition ground. 
Director of National Lottery board Sudath Lokuliyanage, Additional General Manager Prabath Sandhya, Deputy General Manager of Marketing and Promotion and Asst. General Manager of Sales Menura Chathuranga was present at the event.


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