Govi Setha -1230 The Ever Biggest Prize was awarded

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The ever biggest prize was awarded to Mr. Keerthi Kumara by chief guest Hon. Ravi Karunanayaka at the auditorium of financial ministry on 12th February 2016.  And the super prize winners of Govi Setha, Sampath Rekha, Supiri Vasana and Neeroga were awarded at the same event.

Assistant Secretary of Financial Ministry Mr.Sameera Jayawardena,NLB chairperson Ms. Shyamila Perera(Attorney at law), Director of NLB Mr. Chamindra De Silva, Treasury Representative  Mr. A.M.P.M.B. Atapattu, NLB Working Director Mr. M.K. Hassan, NLB Additional General Manager Mr K.V.P.S Theja, CFO  Mr P.K.H.A Bandara, CMO Mr. Asantha Kalyananda,  NLB Deputy General Managers and NLB Assistant General Managers participated in this occasion.

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