• 3rd Step of Luck Brings to Home

    2020-05-19 18:50:392020-05-20 16:53:592020-05-19 18:51:00

    Starting from Colombo at around 5 am, traveling over 750km through some of the most difficult roads, we are yet another step in the process of finding the homes of our lucky winners in the beautiful villages of Thanamalwila, Thorakolayaya, Unawatuna and Udugama. Chairman of the National Lotteries Board, Kalum Priyankara, Deputy General Manager Mr.Sujeewa Nishshanka, zone management and the p...

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  • 2nd Step of Luck Brings to Home

    2020-05-19 18:03:522020-05-20 16:07:022020-05-19 18:11:46

    One More Step of Luck Brings to Home
    As a step of "Luck Brings to Home” programme, theprizes were allocated to the fortunate winners through visiting their homes located in Boralesgamuwa, Kadawatha and Kelaniya. Allotted entire amount is Rs.45,698,620/=(forty-five million six hundred ninety-eight thousand six hundred twenty)
    The event was graced by Working Director Mr. D.D. Jay...

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  • 4th Step of Luck Brings to Home

    2020-05-18 17:29:162020-05-20 17:01:022020-05-18 17:32:13

    As a step of "Luck Brings to Home" project, distributed the prizes for the lucky winners by visiting their homes. The event was graced by Chairman Mr. Lalith Piyum Perera. Deputy General Manager marketing Mr. Sujeewa Nishshanka, NLB Agent (Kandy) Mr. Pradeepan and Sales Assitant Mr. raja attended to the occasion.

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  • The National Lotteries Board has donated Rs. 25,000,000 to the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka Hon. Mahinda Rajapakse to the Covid - 19 Healthcare and Social Security fund.

    2020-04-26 20:04:152020-04-26 21:07:182020-04-26 20:09:44

    The National Lotteries Board has served the country during each and every disaster our country has faced. Also during this Covid - 19 global pandemic NLB have not forgotten to keep our national responsibility.

    As a part of the service rendered to the country representing the National Lotteries Board, the Chairman of the NLB Mr. Lalith Piyum Perera and the Working Directo...

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  • 1st Step Luck brings to home

    2020-04-21 12:29:362020-05-20 17:14:212020-04-23 12:49:09

    National Lottery Board has been serving towards development of the Nation along with producing number of millionaires over six decades. As a reseponsible institute in Sri Lanka, we have a responsibility to stand with our people to share their  laughters and tears.

     This time also we have number of lottery winners who cant come and collect their prizes due to this prevailing conditi...

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  • NLB Super Prize, Cash Prize, and Special Prize Giving - Sri Lanka Foundation Institute 2020.01.30

    2020-02-06 15:15:262020-02-07 10:53:112020-02-06 15:30:59

    The National Lotteries Board held one of another prize giving ceremony including Super Prizes, Special Prizes and Cash Prizes which was held at the Sri Lanka Foundation Institute on 30th of January in 2020.

    The prizes are awarded by the chief guest honorable State Minister of Development Banking and Loan Schemes Mr. Shehan Semasinghe and National Lotteries Board's Chairman Mr. ...

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  • Release of Mahajana Sampatha 4000 Special Draw Janatha Ran Kirula

    2019-07-26 15:41:232020-01-03 16:44:342019-07-26 15:42:22

    The National Lottery Board's oldest and most popular lottery's 4000th special draft was introduced by the honorable minister of finance Mr. Mangala Smaraweera at the Enterprise Sri Lanka 2019 Exhibition which was held at the Walisinghe Harischandra Stadium, Anuradhapura on 2019.07.25.
    Mahajana Sampatha 400 Jantha Ran Kirula special draft's first batch of tickets was given ...

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  • Another super millionaires were crowned by National Lottery Board.

    2019-06-21 11:26:452020-01-16 15:37:142019-06-21 11:27:31

     The National Lottery Board handed over cheques to six other super millionaires this year on 18.06.2010 at the National Lotteries Board premises 
     under the patronage of National Lottery Board Chairperson Mrs. Shyamila Perera and Working Director Thusitha Halloluwa.

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  • District Sales Representatives Conference - Galle - 2019

    2019-06-14 11:32:502020-01-03 16:49:022019-06-14 11:34:22

    District Sales Representatives Conference - Galle - 2019

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  • Alms giving for great sangha upon the guidance of NLB chairperson

    2019-05-21 18:48:352020-05-22 12:01:072019-05-21 18:53:28

    Almsgiving for the victims of the 21st April Disaster was organized by the Welfare Association of the National Lottery board
    under the guidance of Board of Directors, Chairperson and the Upper Management on 21st of May  parallel to the Vesak Festival of 2019
    with the participation of 10 Great Sangha.

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  • Super Prize and Motorcycle Prize Giving - NLB Head Office

    2019-04-07 18:01:482020-05-22 12:05:142019-04-07 18:09:54
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  • National Lotteries Board - New Building Opening

    2019-04-05 20:00:462020-05-22 12:11:592019-04-05 20:03:16
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  • Wasana Sampatha Relaunch- 2019

    2019-04-05 19:49:112020-01-03 17:19:042019-04-05 19:50:28

    The Vasana Sampath Lottery is one of the oldest winning lotteries of the National Lotteries Board. It was Started on 31st of 1994.
    Plans are afoot to re-launch the 'Vasana Sampath' lottery with exciting new gifts and artwork from 14.09.2017, on request from the entire network and customers.
    Accordingly, the revised gift scheme is as follows.


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  • NLB Super Prize Winners- Prize Giving - 2019

    2019-04-04 19:24:372020-05-22 12:23:222019-04-04 19:26:08
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  • NLB Pirith festival - 2019

    2019-04-04 17:08:272020-05-22 12:32:472019-04-04 17:10:03




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  • Neeroga Relaunch

    2019-03-18 18:51:192019-05-06 14:11:442019-03-18 18:52:46

    National Lotteries Board has contribute National Development and Charity Funds  from different lotteries.From those Lotteries the Neeroga lottery has contribute National Kidny Fund Derectly.In that case this lottery has become Most Competitive lottery in local Market.Since year 2015 the Neeroga Lottery funds contribute Rs 985,795,006.00 to national Kidny Fund  and also made Super Price winne...

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  • Mahajana Sampatha Special Draw - 3545

    2017-11-28 08:46:492018-01-13 11:29:392017-11-28 08:50:02

    To win a Toyota WIGO Motor car, three Bikes and two Scooties For Twenty Rupee......

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  • Assumption of Duties by New Working Director

    2017-11-28 08:41:402018-01-13 11:51:192017-11-28 08:42:36

    Mr.Tusitha Halloluwa assumed duties as the Working Director of National Lotteries Board on September 21, 2017.


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  • Sevana Frist Draw - DINUM ADINA LOTHARAIYA

    2017-11-28 08:08:132018-02-02 16:03:502017-11-28 08:09:33
    Sevana Draw Lottery Thursday Saturday


    This lottery is drawn on every Thursday and Saturday. First Draw is drawn on 27th July 2017.

    Contribution: Sevana Housing Fund.

    Prize Structure # Pattern / ගැලපීමේ රටාව / முறை Prize ...
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  • New Act for National Lotteries Board (NLB)

    2017-11-28 07:52:342018-01-16 09:21:062017-11-28 08:01:40

    The NLB was established by the Finance Act No.11 of 1963. Several sections of the said Act were amended in 1997 and in 1998. A need has now arisen to amend this Act which has prevailed for the past 53 years in order to make it compatible with present times. Also, the parliamentary Committee on Public Enterprises (COPE) has recommended that immediate steps should be taken to amend the said Ac...

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  • NLB awarded Honda - Grace Motor car: Mahajana Sampatha

    2017-11-28 07:50:342018-01-16 09:22:392017-11-28 07:51:35

    The Prize giving ceremony was held on the 25th of January 2017 at the Rupavahini premises with the precedence of chairperson(NLB) Ms. Shyamila Perera (Attorney at law). NLB presented the first prize of Mahajana Sampatha "Raja Dinuma" Honda Grace Motor car and twenty-five million to 25 happy winners at the ceremony.

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  • Foundation Stone Laying Ceremony for the New Building - National Lotteries Board

    2017-11-28 07:47:202018-01-16 09:23:192017-11-28 07:48:18

    The Foundation Stone Laying Ceremony of the New Building for National Lotteries Board was held in the morning 1st of December 2016. Finance Minister Ravi Karunanayake was the chief guest at the occasion and NLB chairperson Ms. Shyamila Perera(Attorney at law)  ,Director of NLB Mr. Chamindra De Silva,Director of NLB Mr. Gamini Saparamadu, NLB Working Director Mr. M.K. Hassan ,NLB General Mana...

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  • Drive your dream just for US $30

    2017-11-28 07:36:252018-01-16 09:24:202017-11-28 07:40:04

    Now you can drive your dream Mercedes Benz E300 Blue-tec Diesel Hybrid just for US$ 30 with newly launched 32nd Colombo Airport Super Draw Lottery. The grand launch ceremony was held recently at Nelum Pokuna with the participation of prestigious invitees.

    NLB also introduced “NLB Dollar Fortune ticket”, giving more people the opportunity to win. You can purchase Dollar Fortune tick...

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  • Govi Setha -1230 The Ever Biggest Prize was awarded

    2017-11-28 07:33:052018-01-16 09:25:142017-11-28 07:35:29

    The ever biggest prize was awarded to Mr. Keerthi Kumara by chief guest Hon. Ravi Karunanayaka at the auditorium of financial ministry on 12th February 2016. And the super prize winners of Govi Setha ,Sampath Rekha ,Supiri Vasana and Neeroga were awarded at the same event.

    Assistant Secretary of Financial Ministry Mr.Sameera Jayawardena,NLB chairperson Ms. Shyamila Perera(Attorney ...

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  • Jathika Sampatha - 620 Special Draw Ticket Launching

    2017-11-28 07:31:582018-01-16 09:26:062017-11-28 07:32:52

    Jathika Sampatha - 620 Special Draw Ticket Launching

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  • Brand Relaunch at Ape Gama

    2017-11-28 07:28:172018-01-16 09:26:462017-11-28 07:30:11

    National Lotteries Board Brand Relaunch at "Ape Gama"  

    View more images...

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  • Special Program for Chronic Kidney Disease

    2017-11-28 07:01:232019-06-19 10:40:422017-11-28 07:01:54

    Special Program for Chronic kidney disease was held on 2015-12-16.

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NLB Mahajana Sampatha Janatha Ran Kirula 4000

  • Day 17: Bandarawela

    2019-09-02 20:48:042019-09-03 14:50:322019-09-02 20:51:51

    Mahajana Sampatha 4000 Door to Door Campaign reached to Bandarawela

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  • Day 15: Medagama

    2019-09-02 20:48:032019-09-03 14:48:582019-09-02 20:51:06

    Mahajana Sampatha 4000 Door to Door Campaign reached to Medagama

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  • Day 13: Kaduruwela

    2019-09-02 20:48:022019-09-03 14:47:312019-09-02 20:50:16

    Mahajana Sampatha 4000 Door to Door Campaign reached to Kaduruwela

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  • Day 10: Trincomalee

    2019-09-02 20:45:362019-09-03 14:44:592019-09-02 20:46:57

    Mahajana Sampatha 4000 Door to Door Campaign reached to Trincomalee

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  • Day 8: Rambewa

    2019-09-02 20:41:542019-09-03 14:43:162019-09-02 20:45:23

    Mahajana Sampatha 4000 Door to Door Campaign reached to Rambewa

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  • Day 6: Vavuniya

    2019-09-02 20:41:532019-09-03 14:40:342019-09-02 20:43:46

    Mahajana Sampatha 4000 Door to Door Campaign reached to Vavuniya

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  • Day 5: Nedunkeni

    2019-09-02 20:41:502019-09-03 14:39:052019-09-02 20:43:00

    Mahajana Sampatha 4000 Door to Door Campaign reached to Nedunkeni Town

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  • Day 4: Pudhukudiyiruppu

    2019-09-02 20:41:012019-09-03 14:38:172019-09-02 20:41:43

    Mahajana Sampatha 4000 Door to Door Campaign reached to Pudhukudiyiruppu

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  • Day 3: Kilinochchi

    2019-09-02 20:40:052019-09-03 14:37:132019-09-02 20:40:51

    Mahajana Sampatha 4000 Door to Door Campaign reached to Kilinochchi

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  • Day 2: Jaffna

    2019-09-02 19:52:202019-09-02 20:45:122019-09-02 19:53:05

    Mahajana Sampatha 4000 Door to Door Campaign reached to Jaffna

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  • Day 1: Point Pedro

    2019-09-02 19:48:272019-09-03 11:25:192019-09-02 19:49:03

    Mahajana Sampatha 4000 Door to door Campaign begins From Point Pedro (23/08/2019)

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