Lottery Discontinued

Sevana Scratch Lottery

  • This was introduced in 1985 to generate funds for the construction of houses. This is the most popular Scratch type lottery in the market which adopts the internationally accepted scratch and match technology. This lottery was conducted by Sevana, a separate institution and was subsequently amalgamated with NLB in thelate 1997’s.
  • 10% of the turnover is contributed to Ministry of Housing.


Draw No. Name of the ticket Launched date
300-0101 One & Only  21-Feb-18
300-0102 Best Hit 5-Mar-18
300-0103 Hina 21-Feb-18
300-0106 Lucky Hearts  7-Feb-18
300-0107 Rathu Rosa 6-Feb-18
300-0108 Cricket Fever  16-Feb-18
300-0109 Champions 5-Mar-18
300-0235 2020 21-May-20
300-0236 Suba Pathum 21-May-20
300-0218 Jaya Anka 15-Jun-20
300-0221 Gold 17-Jun-20


  • Sevana Scratch Lottery - sevaana_One&Only
  • Sevana Scratch Lottery - sevana_Champions
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