Daru Diri Sampatha
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Draw No.: 39

Date: Thursday December 01, 2022

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R.M.N.R. Rathnayaka
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Motor Car
R.M.N.R. Rathnayaka
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Daru Diri Sampatha

  • The Lottery, Daru Diri Sampatha at National Lottery Board has been launched here to raise funds for the welfare and the safety of the children who comes from the low-income family and special talented children. According to the act number 1540 of dated 08th August 2019 the fund has been launched as “Save the Children - National Trust Fund” On 18th February 2019, by the Cabinet Memorandum of No.PS/CP/57/2019 dated 18th February 2017 and the cabinet decision of dated 12th March 2017 under the Trust Ordinance. The fund was officially launched on World Children's Day on 1st October 2019. Furthermore, there will be a fundraising special winning lottery in the lottery market on Thursday and the proceeds will be credited to the "Save the Children - National Trust Fund". The prizes are as follows.
  • The grand launch of this lottery will take place on 30th January 2020. The draw will be held as a special draw. Special prizes include Toyota Vigo car, 125cc motorcycle and one lady’s scourers in addition to the above prizes.


  • Daru Diri Sampatha - ticket

Prize Structure - Sunday February 21, 2021

Super Prize
Letter and 4 Numbers Correct
Rs. 5,000,000
1 st
4 Numbers Correct
2 nd
Letter and Any 3 Numbers Correct
3 rd
Any 3 Numbers Correct
4 th
Letter and Any 2 Numbers Correct
5 th
Any 2 Numbers Correct
6 th
Letter and Any Number Correct
7 th
Any Number Correct
8 th
Letter Correct
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