Wasana Sampatha 2019

Wasana Sampatha lottery Relounching With New Prices and Price structure

Wasana Sampatha Lottery is one of  Older lottery in NLB.This Lottery has started in 31 st January 1994.

Requrement of our Dealers ,  Sellers and Coustemers ,NLB has decide to relounch the Wasana sampatha Lottery with new Price Structure and also New Prices.

New Price Structure


English Letter with No 04


 No 04 Only

Rs 1,000,000/-

 English Letter with No 03

Rs 100,000/-

 No 03 Only

Rs 2000/-

 English Letter with No 02

Rs 500/-

 No 02 Only

Rs 100/-

 English Letter with No 01

Rs 60/-

 No 01 Only

Rs 20/-

 English Letter only



Extra Special Prices


  • 1st Special No       -      Toyota Wigo Car 01,
  • 2nd Special No      -      100cc Scooty Bike,    
  • 3rd Special No       -       Golden Coin