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Govi Setha Results for draw no 854
Date : Monday, April 09, 2012
Winning Numbers
Y 5 33 37 47
Place Description Prize No of Wins Total
Super All 4 numbers and letter 15643808 0 0.00
1 All 4 numbers 1000000 2 2,000,000.00
2 Any 3 numbers and letter 20000 16 320,000.00
3 Any 3 numbers 2000 415 830,000.00
4 Any 2 numbers and letter 1000 807 807,000.00
5 Any 2 numbers 100 20161 2,016,100.00
6 Any number and letter 40 11556 462,240.00
7 Any number 20 287437 5,748,740.00
8 Letter only 20 45241 904,820.00
    Total 365635 13,088,900.00
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Biggest Jump start of your life

National Lotteries Board is the pioneer in the lotteries industry with over 50 years of existence, established in 1963 as a Government institution hence forth National Lotteries Board has launched many lotteries where it’s sole intention was to bring luck and happiness to more people as possible, while widening the national dealership paving more jobs and much economical benefits to its dealers, and being in the forefront of developing the lives of countless amount of people all around the country.

Throughout these 50 years, we have factually accomplished all of the above. We have ascended many winners all around the country. Whenever there is a development procedure just about, the National Lotteries Board has supported it financially. 

“Power Lotto” is the newest addition to the 6 lotteries the National Lotteries Board, draw each week. This new lottery is launched in recognition of the needs of the market and to contribute to the nation’s prosperity giving out more prizes to more winners.

This is a lottery draw. It doesn’t require checking boxes or any marking. The winning structure is extremely attractive and beneficial to the customers. The first draw will take place on 19th July 2014. Subsequently the draws will take place on Saturdays once in every two weeks. It is coined as the “Biggest Jump start of your life” because it proposes a powerful change, super colossal prize among many optimum prizes.Photos


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