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Supiri Wasana Sampatha

  Special Draws on every Wednesdays
from 05th November to 31 December 2014

Supiri Vasana Sampatha was introduced in 1999 on behalf of the Ministry of Sports and Ministry of Social Services. Draw of the lottery is made on every Saturday & Wednesday. 10%  of the  turnover  of the  Wednesdays draw is sent to Ranaviru seva authority and 10% of the turnover of the satturday draw is equally distributed between the Ministry of Sports and Social Service .

The price of this lottery ticket was increased from 02nd September, 2008 from Rs.10/- to Rs.20/- and a new prize structure was implemented. A super prize of Rs. 10 million, a first prize of Rs. 1 million and a range of other attractive prizes are offered under this lottery. Prize structure of this lottery was changed from February 2010 for more attraction. It is conducted on wednesdays also as the replacement of Jayaviru Lottery and it operates on behalf of the Ministry of Defence with the objective of generating funds for the Ranaviru Seva Authority from march 9th 2011


Vasana Sampatha Prize Structure
Matching Pattern Prize (LRK)
All 4 Numbers and Super Number Correct Super Prize Starting from 10 Million
All 4 Numbers Correct 1,000,000
Any 3 Numbers and Super Number Correct 50,000
Any 3 Numbers Correct 2,000
Any 2 Numbers and Super Number Correct 1,000
Any 2 Numbers Correctt 100
Any Number and Super Number Correct 40
Any Number Correct 20
Super Number Correct 20





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