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Sampath Rekha


The first draw of the Mahajana Sampatha that the National Lotteries board broadcast over the television had been styled "Sampatha Rekha" .A new Lottery using that same name was introduced to the market in 2012,taking into account the market needs. At present , it draws on the same three days as the Mahajana Sampatha ,i.e.Tuesday , Friday and Sunday.

Sampath Rekha Prize Structure
Matching Pattern Prize (LRK)

All 4 numbers with with Letter Correct Super Prize starting from Rs. 5 Million
All 4 numbers Correct 1,000,000
Bonus number with any 3 numbers Correct    100,000/-
Any 3 numbers with Letter Correct 5,000
Any 3 numbers Correct 1,000
Any 2 numbers with Letter Correct 100
Any 2 numbers Correct 50
Any number with Letter Correct 40
Any number Correct 20
Letter Correct 20



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NLB Double Bonus lottery draw will be Postponed on 30th of January 2015

It offers a 100 million super award, 35 jeeps, more than 100 prizes of Rs.100,000.The validity period of the tickets has been extended to 30th of Jan 2015, though the date is printed as the 31st of Dec 2014. So the Double Bonus tickets are available until 30th of Jan 2015.Buy more and more Double Bonus tickets and win the highest prize offers by the lottery.

Special meeting was at  Mathara 19-10-2014 >> photos

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