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Mahajana Sampatha

In 1970 Jathika Sampatha was renamed as Mahajana Sampatha. The price of the ticket was reduced from Rs. 2/- to Rs. 1/-. Mahajana Samatha was further developed to conduct the draw in the electronic media and from 10th may 1988 weekly draw in the television commenced. Moreover, a daily lottery was introduced on experimental basis. This was titled daily Chance. There were one thousand, Rs. 5,000 prizes. 

At present Mahajana Sampatha, a passive type traditional lottery is the oldest lottery among the other prevailing lotteries in the Island. The lottery has created a good image among the general public as the best available lottery in the country. The lottery is conducted, on Tuesdays & Fridays and Sundays of the week. The price of this lottery ticket was increased from 02nd   September, 2008 from Rs.10/- to Rs.20/- and a new prize structure was implemented. A super prize of Rs. 10 million, a first prize of Rs. 2 million and a range of other attractive prizes are offered under this lottery.   Considering the better performance of this lottery, the Board decided to draw this lottery on Sundays also to increase the Sunday market share.


Mahajana Sampatha - Prize Structure
Maching Pattan Prize (LRK)
Prize Structure – From right to Left
All 6 Numbers and Letter Correct Super Prize Starting from Rs. 10 Million
All 6 Numbers Correct 2,000,000
Last 5 Numbers Correct 100,000
Last 4 Numbers Correct 10,000
Last 3 Numbers Correct 1,000
Last 2 Numbers Correct 100
Number Correct 20
Prize Structure – From  Left to Right
First 5 Numbers Correct 10,000
First 4 Numbers Correct 1,000
First 3 Numbers Correct 100
First 2 Numbers Correct 50
Only Letter Correct 20




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Launch of "31st Colombo Airport Super Draw"

The launch of the 31st “Colombo Airport Super Draw” lottery and unveiling of the grand prize of the automobile was held today (14) under the patronage of Sri Lanka Navy Lieutenant Mr. Yoshitha Rajapaksa, Vice Chairman of ‘Tharunyata Hetak’ Organization, President of Sri Lanka Elle Federation and Captain of the Sri Lanka National Rugby Team.

Mr. Chaminda Athaluwage, Chairman of the National Lotteries Board, Mr. Janaka Sri Warnasinghe, National Organizer for ‘Tharunyata Hetak’ and Working Director of the National Lotteries Board with members of the Director Board, Mr. Arthur Senanayake, Chairman of IWS Holdings, Mr. Prasanna J. Wickramasuriya, Chairman, Sri Lanka Airport and Aviation Services and other local and foreign corporate executives graced this prestigious occasion. Mr. Ashok Vitharana, Acting General Manager of the National Lotteries Board and other high ranking officials also participated in this event.

 The National Lotteries Board introduced the “Colombo Airport Super Draw” lottery in 1992 to generate funds for the development of airport. It has held 30 draws up to now creating many local and foreign lucky winners and generated millions of rupees for the development of the airport sector in Sri Lanka.

“Colombo Airport Super Draw” became a unique and attractive lottery since its inception as it offered a duty free brand new luxury automobile as the grand prize. 

Previously, a luxury BMW or Benz car was offered under this lottery. However, for the first time in history, the National Lotteries Board will offer a super luxury brand new PORSCHE® Cayenne S Hybrid Jeep worth over Rs. 28 million, as the grand prize of the next (31st) “Colombo Airport Super Draw.”

The “Colombo Airport Super Draw” ticket is at present, sold at US$ 50 or its equivalent in any convertible currency.

Tickets can be purchased at the Bandaranaike International Airport and the Head Office of the National Lotteries Board, Colombo 3. Tickets can also be purchased online via using any debt or credit card.

For more information please call the National Lotteries Board hotline +94 11460 7000.    Photos


Mega 50 -  The Largest Lottery prizes ever paid out in Sri Lanka on 22-11-2013.


The grand prize giving of the mega 50 lottery took place at Colombo on 2013.11.22 in the most glorious fashion. This was the highest jackpot ever offered by any lottery in Sri Lankan history.

Hon.   Namal Rajapaksa Member of Parliament for Hambanthota district was the chief guest to the occasion.  Parliament Minister Tharanath Basnayake, Parliament Minister  Uditha Lokubandara  and Mr. Janaka Ranawaka the mayor of Kotte were also present at the occasion.

Mr. Chaminda  Athaluwage (Chairman), Mr. Janaka Sri Warnasinghe (Working Director) , Mr. Sampath Dissanayake (Director), Mr.Saman Galappaththi (Director) participated from the National Lotteries Board while  Mr. Mohan Samaranayake (Sri Lanka Rupavahi Corporation (SLRC) Chairman), Mr. Chandrapala Liyanage (Director General) represented the Sri  Lanka Rupavahini Corporation.

The Super prize of 50,000,000 won by Mr. H.H.R Bandara of Anuradhapura and received his cheque from  Hon. Namal Rajapaksa Member of Parliament for Hambanthota district and  50 no’s of micro panda motor vehicles were delivered among the winners by the rest of the invitees.

The occasion took place at Sri Lanka Rupavahini corporation premises and 50 motor vehicles were driven by their winners as a procession creating a delightful spectacle to everyone.

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